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Computer Club

Basic to advance Computer Courses PHP, Python etc.

Coaching Club

Best coaching classes from Class V to Class XII.

Competitive Club

Competitive courses for the Indian Govt Exam.

Genius Club Motto

Everyone has the right to education, on this ideology we have established this genius club. The main objective of our club is that no one should be deprived of education just because of lack of money. Education is not a profession which has a bargaining price, which has a fixed rate for all. The guru or teacher should gladly accept whatever donation is voluntarily possible, this is our Sanatan tradition. Keeping this principle in mind, we have decided to introduce some courses. We have kept the fee of all these courses at less than our cost so that all our needy students are not deprived of education due to lack of money. If any needy student is not able to pay even this subsidised fee, then no fee is charged from them, just we expect them to stay on top of the class instead of this fee.

शिक्षा पर सबका अधिकार है इसी विचारधारा पर हमने इस जीनियस क्लब की स्थापना की है। हमारे इस क्लब का मुख्य उद्देश्य यही है कि मात्र पैसे के अभाव में कोई शिक्षा से वंचित न रह जाए। शिक्षा कोई व्यवसाय या पेशा नहीं है जिसका मोल भाव हो, जिसका दर निर्धारित हो। स्वेच्छा से यथा सम्भव जो जितना दान कर सके उसको गुरु या शिक्षक ख़ुशी से स्वीकार करें, यही हमारी सनातन परम्परा है। इस सिद्धांत को ध्यान में रखते हुए हमने कुछ पाठ्यक्रम(कोर्स) को शुरू करने का निश्चय किया है। हमने इन सभी पाठ्यक्रम का शुल्क अपनी लागत से भी कम मूल्य पर रखा है जिससे हमारे सभी जरुरत मन्द विद्यार्थी पैसे के अभाव में शिक्षा से वंचित न रह जाए। यदि कोई जरूरतमंद विद्यार्थी इस अनुवृत्तिय शुल्क को भी देने में सक्षम नहीं है तो उनसे कोई शुल्क नहीं लिया जाता है बस उनसे हम अपनी इस शुल्क के बजाय कक्षा में अवल स्थान पर रहने की अपेक्षा रखते है।


Tuition fees at Genius Club for different courses are variable based on family income, meaning that students will pay according to their economic situation. On average, tuition fees at Genius Club range from ₹ 199 to ₹ 1,999 per month. They can vary depending on the course you enrol in and, most importantly, based on your family income. You will need to submit an application to have your household income assessed in order for the Genius Club to determine your fee level. This means your fees could end up being considerably cheaper.

Tuition Fees

Course-based students pay for each course that they take. Some courses have supplementary course fees in addition to the normal cost of taking a course.

Need-based scholarship

If your family is from an income band of less than INR 7 lakhs per annum, we offer:

  • Full or partial scholarships covering tuition and admission
  • Charges for notes, assignment, mock test and exam fees will be payable at actuals. We offer scholarships to needy student in exceptional circumstances.

  • Scholarships and Annual fees applicable for all courses

General fees

General fees give you access to many services at Genius Club such as the exam fees, notes, assignment, mock test and computer labs etc. Some general fees are paid once a year and others are paid based on requirements.

Financial Aid

Income range

Scholarships %

Below ₹ 1.5 lakhs 100%
₹ 1.5 - 2.5 lakhs 90%
₹ 2.5 - 5 lakhs  80%
₹ 5 - 7.5 lakhs  70%
₹ 7.5 - 10 lakhs  50%
> ₹ 10 lakhs  No Scholarship

Welcome to Genius Club

Helping India to become a world guru again as there is no shortage of talent in our country, only need to explore, nourish and improve it. Honesty, integrity, fun, innovation and community are the values that’s only matter and is the philosophy for the Genius Club. The traditional education system of the country rests on the foundation laid by the British education system to produce factory workers and clerks in the offices. The Genius Club has gained a reputation for providing high-quality education in a friendly and supportive environment at an affordable price.